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Earn up to 7% commission for each eligible sale.

DON'SKINZ Affiliate

Earn Passive Income Even While You Are Asleep offers the highest paying affiliate program for all our customers. We give you all the tools you need to promote so you can earn commissions fast. 

Three Simple Steps

How It Works

STEP 1: Register

If you wish to become one of our affiliates, you will need to register a regular user in the store in advance. Then go to the Alliance page and apply to become our official affiliate member to enjoy exclusive benefits.

STEP 2: Refer Your Friends

Promote by adding banners and links to your site, or by posting on social media.

STEP 3: Profit

Get paid when your referrals buy any products from

Common Questions About DON'SKINZ Affiliates

Frequently Asked Questions

The Affiliate Program earn top commissions by promoting and driving sales to

You will receive a commission of 0.3% of the total amount of the order for every eligible referral purchased at regular price. Of course, the higher the membership level, the higher the commission rate will be (up to 7%). Click here to view the membership level details.

You can see how many sales you’ve made by logging into your Affiliate Dashboard

In the following cases, you will not be able to get your commission:

1) Your referral ad has expired;
2) The referral link you copied is incomplete or damaged and needs to be re-copied again;
3) The user you referred  has clears the cookies of the webpage before they make any transaction in the store;
4) The other party clicks on the link you shared by using Incognito / Private Window and closes the browser before they make any transaction;
5) The other party canceled the order, or the order transaction failed;
6) One browser can only bind to one affiliate link. If the referral does not make transaction on the browser that has already bound to your affiliate link, then you will not get any commission unless the referral using your affiliate link again on the current browser that he/she is using now. 

Once we discovered that any member deliberately uses any third-party software or any form of malicious fraud on commission, the member’s account will be permanently banned, and all funds and points in the account will be fully confiscated.

All you need to do is sign up

No, there is no limit. The more sales you refer to us, the more you get paid.

When you have at least 5 eligible transactions in your account, or have at least MYR50.00 or more amount in your account. Your commissions will be payable at the end of the next calendar month. You will need to fill up a form in order to get paid.

Applications submitted before the 23rd of the current month will receive the commissions by the end of the next month.

For example: D submitted a commission withdrawal with total of MYR100.00 on August 16th. We will verify all other applications after 23rd of the month, and will be issued before the end of next month.

Note: Please make sure that the bank information are entered correctly, otherwise there may be problems with not getting or issuing errors.

No, your browser will only record the last affiliate link.

For example: You clicked the affiliate link of friend A the two days ago, and once again clicked the affiliate link of friend B again today, and then successfuly make purchase at store. At this point, the system will only records the information of friend B, so when you made a transaction, only friend B can receive the commission.

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